Travel Assistance


Travel assistance is a term in use world wide much of the world which refers to a service which provides help, primarily in medical emergencies during travel.

  • Pre-travel information (Visas, vaccination, customs, weather forecasts, currencies, etc.).
  • Transmission of urgent messages / documents.
  • Transfers / Ticketing / Hotel Reservations / Car renta.
  • Assistance in case travel documents/passport is lost or stolen.
  • Coordination of the return of dependent children/traveling companions.
  • Unexpected return home (due to illness-death of a relative or major damage at home).
  • Retrieval and rerouting of luggage.
  • Emergency transfer of funds.
  • Transfer and accommodation for escorting relative (in case the stay of the insured is prolonged due to hospitalization).
  • Repatriation of mortal remains (bureaucratic procedures and preparation of the body for international transport).