1) Air Ambulance

ِEagle aim is to offer the best services in the challenging field of air ambulance rapidly, safely and reliably and cover in the best possible way the needs of the associated insurance companies, assistance companies,cooperating medical institutions and embassies .  We have deal with many companies in the main area in cairo to all cities in Europe, Middle East and Russia and other countries.

2) Commercial Flight

Eagle has cooperation with most of flight companies so we can arrange commercial flight, in some medical cases the injured might need a block of seats in commercial flight with medical.


Repatriation of Human Remains

  • Funeral Service.
  • Immediate care in case of death, and detailed advice.
  • Transportation from place of death to the morgue.
  • Organization of transfer.
  • Obtaining all the necessary paperwork.
  • Completion of all formalities at the consulate.
  • Certification with the competent registry office.
  • Applying for the passport body.
  • Procurement of medical papers.
  • Settlement with funeral expenses.
  • The coordination and booking of flights and cargo procedures.
  • Procurement of air tickets to accompany the bereaved at the flight overpass.