About us

Eagle Assistance was founded in 2015, in Egypt, to provide on-the-spot solutions to emergencies abroad, looking to provide the international insurance and assistance companies with our medical and travel services.

Eagle assistance provides the customers with services in Egypt (all territory), Arabic Gulf area, South and East Europe and Turkey through our multilingual, Call Center (24/7).

Eagle Assistance is a sister company to Origini Travel International Company with branches in United states, Holland and head office in Egypt

We organize effective services all around the world through our alarm centers located Cairo.

The integrated service packages and tailor made solutions that Eagle Assistance is offering are all aimed at responding the needs of ever-changing customer profiles and demands.

A key strength of Eagle Assistance is its operational excellence. Its specialist multilingual case managers handle many cases a year, all equipped with state of art technology and operational 24 hours/365 days, are capable of collaborating to support each other when necessary.

Eagle work daily with providers and clients to improve and satisfy their necessities.
and these actions are made with absolute transparency.

We fulfill our commitments and are held responsible for the performance in all of our coverage areas. Our company improve through developing new ideas and strategies providing updated solutions even in emergencies.

Eagle Assistance provides immediate help in any travel emergency as unexpected as it may be. You can rely to our fast experience providing travelers assistance and providing immediate response even in the most complex and difficult situations.